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The legends concerning Diane date to her birth, when a model of “The Maid of the Mist” was found floating at the base of Niagara Falls with a babe inside, swaddled in a Blue Jays jersey. A family of grifters who took her in trained her in their wiles, and she quickly exceeded them by sticking them with a credit card scam she ran across the lake, leaving them with the infamous “Buffalo Bills.”

In 2003, she was working a counterfeit poutine scam when she found herself at Torcon 3, the World Science Fiction Convention where her fortunes changed forever. She found herself enjoying working in the hospitality suite, where she met her spouse, and more importantly, a couple of reprobates from Kansas City, who introduced her to Kansas City BBQ, Arthur Bryants, and Boulevard beer. Some say her heart grew three sizes that day, but it was only 2.1 with the exchange rate.

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A very green garlicky herb sauce from Argentina that`s easy to prepare and will go with practically anything.

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Ward 4 Nelson-Sauvin is a single hopped pale ale from the Muddy York Brewing Company. It is brewed exclusively with Nelson-Sauvin hops, of course, and the resulting ale...