Membership Levels

We're always looking for people to cover events and review samples, so be sure to tell us if you are interested in becoming an Associate (see below).

Content creator levels. has three types of content creators: Staff, Members, and Associates.

  • Staff are responsible for the day-to-day running of the site: from back end maintenance to posting events and news items.
  • Members are people who have an interest in creating a new food blog (recipes, reviews, events, etc.) or extending their reach by sharing their post from their own sites.
  • Associates are basically Members PLUS. If you become an Associate, you get access to exclusive and media-only events, in exchange for taking some photographs and doing a short write up! We'll create an assignment letter for you and send you business cards that you can use at events to verify that you are representing the site in an official capacity. Associates can also become reviewers by indicating that they are willing to create short write-ups about products.


Members can create a public profile as well as participate in discussions and send private messages to other users. To become a Member, simply click here to register.

When you register, you will have limited functionality until your account is approved. During that holding period (usually 2 business days), you can:

  • Create your Profile page, including adding a Bio and a photo;
  • Upload a photo for your bio (and to represent you throughout the site);
  • Add a link to your website and/or an RSS Feed2 from your blog or other site.;
  • Add links to your Instagram account or a preferred hashtag1;
  • Read and reply to private messages other members have sent you.

Once you are a full Member of the site, you will have additional functionality, including:

  • Commenting on other members' posts;
  • Direct messaging other members (privately) when you are on their profiles;
  • Access the full Dashboard, which gives you a breakdown of what's new on the site and all the links you need to create content and interact with other Members. 
    • From here you can create content including:
      • Blog posts;
      • Recipes;
      • Product reviews;
      • Venue revies;
      • Events for the site calendar.
    • See who recently joined the site, and who is currently online; and
    • Discover new site content and how well your content is doing (how many page views it has had).

There will be more functionality as we go forward!

How to become an Associate.

Attend food functions as media: Join us!We're looking for people with good photographic and writing skills to cover events and review products from right across the country. (You can also pick a friend and create a dynamic duo, if you have half of the needed skill set!)

Once you have been a regular member for a while, you may decide that you would like to explore more of the food world on a casual basis. At that point, consider becoming an Associate -- you can choose how much time you want to invest and what types of events you would like to attend.

We'd like to see a few samples of your work (you can easily do this in a Google Doc or linking to a post either on this site or elsewhere, and letting us know which components you are responsible for creating (writing or photography). In addition to the samples, we would like:

  • a short Foodie Bio (4 or 5 paragraphs) that covers your background including how you came to love food, as well as whether you cook or prefer to dine out (or both!);
  • where you are located;
  • which nearby cities or towns you can cover (if any);
  • any food preferences or allergies (e.g. 'I am vegan', 'I only eat Kosher foods', etc.);
  • availability (weekends, evenings, Tuesdays);
  • types of events or products you would prefer to cover (food, wine, beer, spirits, industry, etc.); and
  • contact information (phone and email).

You can email us at; message us on Facebook via


Other membership notes:

1 Instagram hashtags: You can choose to embed your full Instagram feed (by using the user name field), or a subset of the images you want to show up by creating a unique hashtag and only tagging the photos you want to share here with that. For instance, if you photograph landscapes, events, and food items that you share on your account, but only want the food pictures to show up, you might combine your username + food to gather them all together.

2 RSS Feeds: Have a wordpress site? Then you automatically have an RSS feed! Just type in your site address (URL) and at the end add"/feed/". If you have another type of site, you may have to do a little research to find out if you can easily generate a feed from your content.

What is Canadian Foodies?

LeafThink of this as your foodie home away from home: A place where you can aggregate your foodie activites, network with other food lovers, share recipes, tips, reviews, updates, pictures, and so much more! You can browse the site anonymously, or and integrate your Instagram and/or blog feed, or even create a food blog of your own, right here.

We're always looking for people to cover events and review samples, so be sure to tell us if that is something you are interested in doing. You can email us at ; find us on Facebook at ; or join the Facebook group at to connect directly with other foodies!