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Coffee Grounds Perk Up Compost Pile With Nitrogen

Coffee grounds can be an excellent addition to a compost pile. The grounds are relatively rich in nitrogen, providing bacteria the energy they need to turn organic matter into compost. About 2 percent nitrogen by volume, used coffee grounds can be a safe substitute for nitrogen-rich manure in the compost pile.

Baby food puree could be made even safer with new processing technique: high pressure thermal sterilization (HPTS)

High pressure thermal sterilization (HPTS) instead of conventional thermal processing canning showed a reduction of furan, a carcinogen resulting from heat treatment techniques.

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» Jack Todd: Olympic hockey kerfuffle is tempest in a teapot
25/02/18 23:46 from CBC News Items
Jocelyne Larocque deserves nothing but applause and gratitude despite removing her silver medal

» Substance over style
22/02/18 06:37 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
The name — Savoury Asian Cuisine — is very general, but the focus at this new Transcona restaurant is mostly on classic Cantonese food. Taking over the strip-mall space once occupied ......

» Plant protein producers aim for mainstream with new research, investments
25/02/18 15:02 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
CALGARY - Prairie farmers who grow, rather than raise, protein sources are looking to break into the mainstream with new research and investments on how to sustainably feed the world. The ......

» Delicious wines you can get delivered to your doorstep
23/02/18 19:00 from TORONTO STAR | LIFE | FOOD_WINE
For $10 and just a few clicks, stock up on bottles to get you through the next week or two.

» From Peppers to Pork Pies, the Most Interesting Food Festivals of the Year
21/02/18 10:00 from Food
Events include a chocolate festival in Italy, a pepper celebration in France and a chef showcase in the Caribbean.

» In the Habs' Room: Attention turns to youngsters and Monday's trading deadline
25/02/18 04:33 from CBC News Items
The Canadiens are sellers because they have been effectively out of playoff contention for the past month

» 'Shock' and 'heartbreak' after adopted pig ends up on dinner table
24/02/18 03:44 from CBC News Items
Molly's new owners, who adopted the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig last month, reportedly had problems with Molly and slaughtered her for food. No charges are being laid.

» ‘Ugly Delicious’ Unwraps the Magic of Family Meals in ‘Home Cooking’
23/02/18 18:09 from Eater - All

» Sorry Haters, ’Ugly Delicious’ Is Maddeningly Good
24/02/18 14:12 from Eater - All

» The Week in Review: From independence flip-flops to bridge deadlines
24/02/18 13:12 from CBC News Items
Catch up on all the big stories that happened this week in Montreal.

» Shelter: 8 weeks to a new life, home and furnishings in Pointe-St-Charles
24/02/18 12:00 from CBC News Items
When a new job required relocating from Halifax, the couple jumped at the chance for reinvention

» Go fish and other March Break strategies
24/02/18 12:00 from CBC News Items
Here are several things to do outside the house and a few for rainy, snowy, I’m-not-going-anywhere days during the school holiday from March 3 to 11.

» Movers and shakers
22/02/18 06:36 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
When Peter Fehr launched the first LoveLocalMB event, it was a modest affair, featuring 15 vendors of Manitoba-made fare. Five years later, it’s swelled to a perennially sold-out exhibition with 50 ...

» Supplier to NHL's Calgary Flames breathes again as B.C. wine ban suspended
24/02/18 12:01 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
VICTORIA - The operators of a small British Columbia winery that landed a big contract to be the official wine of the National Hockey League's Calgary Flames are relieved their ......

» Don't fret -- B.C. wines unlikely to dry up here
23/02/18 17:57 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
When it comes down to it, Manitoba wine drinkers don’t have it so bad. Most of the wine sold in Manitoba is through a combination of government-run liquor stores and a ...

» Nova Scotia eatery's enormous six-pound donair eluding extreme eaters
21/02/18 19:57 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
It's six pounds of roasted meat, tomatoes, onions and sweet garlic sauce atop a pizza-sized pita — and so far no one has been able to eat it all. Alexandra's Pizza ......

» Sweet tooth? Kids may choose snacks based on genetics behind taste buds: study
21/02/18 23:46 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
TORONTO - Whether a pre-schooler has a sweet tooth, is partial to snacks rich in fat, or has an aversion to bitter vegetables like broccoli could be linked to genetics, ......

» Chain reaction
23/02/18 19:37 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
Once upon a time, Gord Howard applied for a bartending position at a bustling, British-style pub and eatery on Pembina Highway. When he still hadn’t heard a peep about the job ......

» From KFC, a 3-Letter Apology for Its U.K. Chicken Crisis
23/02/18 15:49 from Food
The company rearranged the letters in its name in an advertisement, and if a vowel was missing, the meaning was clear.

» Unilever publicly discloses palm oil supply chain: ‘You can’t outsource your responsibilities,’ says Polman
20/02/18 13:12 from FoodNavigator RSS
Unilever has become the first consumer goods company to publicly disclose all the suppliers and mills it buys palm oil from, both directly and indirectly, it says.

» Not authorised: Majority of online traders are selling non-compliant supplements, finds European Commission investigation
23/02/18 13:30 from FoodNavigator RSS
Over two-thirds of websites investigated by EU Member State authorities are selling non-authorised novel foods and food supplements, says a new report published today by the European Commission.

» Calgary’s Tubby Dog finds fast-casual success with an elevated staple
24/02/18 01:36 from The Globe and Mail - Food & Wine
Quirky eatery Tubby Dog seems to have become both a Calgary institution and an inspiration for others looking to find success serving one item and doing it well

» Checking In: Hôtel PUR is bridging history
24/02/18 00:00 from CBC News Items
Hôtel PUR in Quebec City bridges history. It is a modern landmark in the St-Roch district that was founded in the early 1600s and just happens to be a hip neighbourhood of the 2000s. The hotel has an indie look and feel, which fits in wi...

» The ‘Ugly Delicious’ Squad Embarks on a Dumpling Odyssey in ‘Stuffed’
23/02/18 18:09 from Eater - All

» Instacart Says It Mistakenly Withheld Tips From Some of Its Workers
23/02/18 23:37 from Eater - All

» The Nonprofit Turning Fine Dining Waste Into Food for the Hungry
23/02/18 19:34 from Eater - All

» France’s Ladurée, local Nadège go head-to-head in macaron wars
23/02/18 22:00 from TORONTO STAR | LIFE | FOOD_WINE
Yorkdale Shopping Centre’s two options for macaron lovers, Nadège Patisseri and Parisian pastry institution Ladurée, compete for thumbs-up from Star scribes Karon Liu and Amy Pataki.

» The Creation Story of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Is Becoming a Movie
23/02/18 15:58 from Eater - All

» 6 Dishes You Have To Try in 2018
23/02/18 21:03 from Eat Magazine
Do you consider yourself a foodie? If trying out new dishes is one of your favorite things to do, this article is for you. We’ll explore some of the unique foods you’ll need to try out in 2018. From tasty grilled steak to heart seafood, ...

» Ontario restaurant price hikes boost food inflation after minimum wage increase
23/02/18 19:54 from Winnipeg Free Press: Food & Drink
Many Ontario restaurant likely hiked menu item prices after the province raised its minimum wage this year, pushing January food inflation to its highest annualized increase in nearly two years. Overall ......

» It's not sexy, but dinner at Borrel is fast and fun
23/02/18 21:00 from TORONTO STAR | LIFE | FOOD_WINE
First-time restaurateurs bring homey Dutch cafe Borrel to East Danforth.

» Don’t panic, your Instant Pot pressure cooker has not been recalled
23/02/18 19:07 from TORONTO STAR | LIFE | FOOD_WINE
Amid a possible multicooker meltdown, users should remember that there is no official recall in place yet for the affected appliances and has nothing to do with the company’s pressure cookers.

» CAGNY 2018 - Mondelez to increase healthier snacking exposure
21/02/18 11:57 from Food news and comment - from
The new CEO of Mondelez International said the snacks giant needs to "grab some of the growth" being seen in demand for healthier products.

» Danone unveils Auckland plant expansion
23/02/18 18:44 from Food news and comment - from
Danone has completed an investment project at a plant in New Zealand designed to double the production capacity of a plant that blends and packs infant formula.

» Don Macpherson: A good week for 'indig-nationalism' and anglo bashing
23/02/18 17:07 from CBC News Items
Quebec politicians made fools of themselves over the pronunciation of the names of "francophone" Olympic hockey players who weren't.

» CAGNY 2018 - Tyson Foods unveils tie up with Mexican spice brand Tajin
21/02/18 13:35 from Food news and comment - from
Tyson Foods has revealed it has inked an an exclusive partnership with Mexican spice brand Tajin.

» The new Kellogg CEO's quest for growth - CAGNY takeaways
23/02/18 16:27 from Food news and comment - from
There were a number of companies presenting at this week's CAGNY conference in the US that had recently-installed CEOs making their first appearance at one of the key dates in the investor calendar as chief executive. Among them was Stev...

» ‘Ugly Delicious’ Embarks on a Tortilla Crawl to End Them All in ‘Tacos’
23/02/18 18:11 from Eater - All

» ‘Ugly Delicious’ Tackles a Southern Shellfish Rivalry in ‘Shrimp & Crawfish’
23/02/18 18:10 from Eater - All

» ‘Ugly Delicious’ Explores MSG Myths in ‘Fried Rice’
23/02/18 18:10 from Eater - All

» John Currence’s Big Bad Breakfast Is Poised to Expand Across the South
22/02/18 16:03 from Eater - All

» The 38 Essential Vancouver Restaurants
22/02/18 17:02 from Eater - All

» More of Amazon’s Cashier-less Convenience Stores Are on the Way
22/02/18 16:54 from Eater - All

» Watch: The Best Cuban Hamburger in Miami
22/02/18 18:27 from Eater - All

» Watch: Kimchi Kielbasa Is the Perfect Korean-Polish Dish
22/02/18 23:11 from Eater - All

» Why Tipping Is Bad For America
22/02/18 20:25 from Eater - All

» Decorate Your Entire Home With Guy Fieri’s Face
22/02/18 23:33 from Eater - All

» Superstar Chef Leonor Espinosa Tells Colombia’s Story Through Food
23/02/18 14:22 from Eater - All

» Illinois Governor Drinks Chocolate Milk to Demonstrate Diversity
23/02/18 15:50 from Eater - All

» A Guide to David Chang’s New Netflix Show ‘Ugly Delicious’
23/02/18 18:25 from Eater - All

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