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Baby food puree could be made even safer with new processing technique: high pressure thermal sterilization (HPTS)

High pressure thermal sterilization (HPTS) instead of conventional thermal processing canning showed a reduction of furan, a carcinogen resulting from heat treatment techniques.

Why wine and tea pair so well with a meal: It's all in the mouthfeel

steak dinner with wine

The astringent wine and fatty meat are like the yin and yang of the food world, sitting on opposite ends of a sensory spectrum. The findings offer a whole new definition of the balanced meal. They also offer a new way of thinking about our eating habits, both good and bad.

Coffee Grounds Perk Up Compost Pile With Nitrogen

Coffee grounds can be an excellent addition to a compost pile. The grounds are relatively rich in nitrogen, providing bacteria the energy they need to turn organic matter into compost. About 2 percent nitrogen by volume, used coffee grounds can be a safe substitute for nitrogen-rich manure in the compost pile.