Ward 4 - A New Hop

Ward 4 Nelson-Sauvin
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Muddy York Brewing Company
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In bottles from the brewery retail store only, not at the LCBO. On tap at the more discerning pubs.
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Ward 4 Nelson-Sauvin is a single hopped pale ale from the Muddy York Brewing Company. It is brewed exclusively with Nelson-Sauvin hops, of course, and the resulting ale has 5.6% ABV and 50 IBUs. It’s a smooth tasting ale, less hoppy than one would expect from the IBUs, with a refreshing grapefruit finish, ideal for a hot summer afternoon on a patio.  I tasted it from a keg at The Only Café in Toronto, not too far from the East York brewery. It is also available in 500 ml bottles from the brewery retail store at 22 Cranfield Rd.

Additional props go the the Muddy York Brewing Company for the plethora of Star Wars references they`ve attached to the brew, released on May the 4th, and touted as Ward 4: A New Hop.


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