Introducing 5 Things video series

This is the start of our on-going series where we ask the experts -- chefs, industry people & personalities -- their recommendations for ingredients and apparatus to make cooking even more enjoyable! We'll be updating the thread on an ongoing basis, and we're seeking a diverse selection of people to ask their advice.

Now up on YouTube 5 Things interviews with Chefs: Philman George (High Liner Foods), Ivana Raca (Raca Café & Bar), Trevor Lui (Kan Pai Snack Bar), and Carl Heinrich (Richmond Station; "Top Chef Canada" winner, 2012). Posts from Rob Gentile (Buca), Michael Hunter (Antler Kitchen & Bar), Vikram Vij (Vij's Restaurant, Rangoli Restaurant, and CBC's Dragon's Den), and more in the hopper.

It's really interesting to hear the similarities and differences between their suggestions; certain things come up again and again from people with very varied backgrounds (and yes, you will notice that the questions go from being open ended in the first couple, to specifying "other than knives" and "other than salt and pepper" because those items came up altogether too often). It's a really great way to get a bit of insight into who they are and what they do, as well as what influences their cooking style.

Check out some of the first snippets below -- or see the whole playlist or the individual posts on the 5 Things tag page or more as we add to the list.




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