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This site is the product of a team of people, but also contributions come from a variety of sources, which we will list on this page.

We'll be fleshing the page out as we go along, but mostly, for the moment, we are tracking the Creative Commons By Attribution photos in use on the site here (below).

Core Team

  • Gisela McKay, Managing Editor: Site Profile; email; phone: 647.470.9087
  • Marcus Schwartz Videographer/Interviewer: Site Profile; email: mark.s(at); phone: 647.899.7886
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What is Canadian Foodies?

LeafThink of this as your foodie home away from home: A place where you can aggregate your foodie activites, network with other food lovers, share recipes, tips, reviews, updates, pictures, and so much more! You can browse the site anonymously, or and integrate your Instagram and/or blog feed, or even create a food blog of your own, right here.

We're always looking for people to cover events and review samples, so be sure to tell us if that is something you are interested in doing. You can email us at ; find us on Facebook at ; or join the Facebook group at to connect directly with other foodies!