2017 Gourmet Food & Wine Show Wrap-up

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Gourmet Food & Wine Show glasses

This year’s show features many old favourites as well as some new highlights. It seems a bit smaller this year, which is both a plus and a negative -- you won’t have nearly as much FOMO because you can scope out the whole floor and pick what you want to try before diving into the eating and the drinking.

The key product this year is a means of preventing wine from turning to vinegar courtesy of oxidation. It’s a plan to allow you to open a favourite bottle, have a glass or two and then keep the rest fresh and tasty for weeks. This way, there is no need to drink plonk because you want to keep the good stuff for later.

Winesave, a system of argon gas in a pump, is back, and at $40 for 150 uses it’s an affordable way to go. The premise is that argon is heavier than oxygen, and  it forms a barrier on top of the liquid when put in the bottle.

The Cadillac of the options, though, and new to the market this year (see our video interview coming up), is Auverre, which costs about $150 and is a device, so it runs into the “infinite” uses territory. It pumps the oxygen out of the bottle, with the seal lowering to the level of the liquid.

If you are heading down to the 2017 Gourmet Food & Wine Show, be sure to try the Cucumber Habanero hot sauce from Out of the Box, and grab yourself a couple of the Napkin One instant napkins.