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There are many podcasts available revolving around the topic of food, and we're happy to connect you to what's out there.

We'll be updating this page on an on-going basis to make sure the links are current and to add new sections. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments, we love to hear about what is out there!

10 Stars - the crème de la crème

These five podcasts are our absolute favourites (in alphabetical order). These are the ones that you will want to catch up on every back episode and not skip past when they're playing. Well-researched, well-presented, and focusing on a variety of topics, from history, to science, to current events in the food world, these ones have consistently great guests, great hosts, and great production quality.

Best thing, these all are downloadable in MP3 format (in addition to whichever app they use locally).

We also love:

Here are more podcasts that you can enjoy for their wide variety of focuses. Some of these don't have a downloadable version, though, or if they do, it is in a format that will require you to use a specific application to listen, but they are still good when you are at your desk or are at home with a stable connection.

Again, we invite you to share your favourites with us in the comments!



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Gotta say, I dock points for podcasts that have people tasting wine, and slurping when they do. The episode of Food Talk I just listened to (January 26, 2017) had a LOT of slurping.

Just say no.

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