Kitchen items that make you smile

Kitchen whales

It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t even need to be particularly functional, but we’d love to see a photo or hear the tale of the kitchen gadget or tool that brings a smile to your face!

Perhaps it is something you inherited and so it makes you think of a special person, or perhaps it is something that you picked up in an exotic location and it is imbued with memories for that reason. And then again, maybe it’s just shaped funny.

For me, it’s these whale-shaped pincher thingies that I bought two for $1.99 (I have 6 in total). Every time I notice them when reach into the drawer, I giggle just a little bit. And when I have need to close a bag or box, it’s a pleasure, not a chore. Of all the things in my kitchen, these are probably the items that bring me the most consistent glee.

Keeping it close(d)

What items in your kitchen make you smile every time you see them?

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Original article submitted by Gisela McKay, Managing Director of Canadian Foodies